Plaque and tartar that form on the teeth near the gums are the most common causes for gum disease. Dentists recommend getting a procedure called “teeth scaling” done.

Teeth scaling is recommended once in six months. The frequency might differ based on the type of saliva. As a person grows older, the saliva gets thicker: it contains less water. And tartar (grey, brown and yellow hard deposits near the gums) forms on the lower ends of the front teeth which are the most sensitive. Tartar also forms if you don’t eat from a particular side. Other factors that affect the formation of tartar include pregnancy or certain drugs. If there is any reason for tartar to form faster, scaling must be done more often.

Scaling is very important & if one doesn’t get scaling done, they will face gum problems. Tartar formation takes place, the gums start receding, teeth become loose and they may also fall out. There might be effects like gingivitis, bad breath and could have adverse effects on the heart too.